Application closing date: Sunday, 21 August 2022 • 11:59pm, Canberra time (in Canberra)

Estimated start date: Thursday, 01 September 2022

Location of work: ACT

Length of contract: 30 June 2023

Contract extensions: 2x 12 months

Security clearance: Must have Baseline

Rates: $100 - $130 per hour (inc. super)

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) is looking for a Data Modeler/Analyst with experience in exploring datasets and designing Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) and Extract, Load, Transform (ELT) processes across several data and analytics platforms.

The successful candidate/s will:

Be responsible for analysis and design activities across several data movement and transformation processes within DAFF. These data movement and transformation processes are in the process of being uplifted to Microsoft Azure and the successful candidate will require experience with the following techniques and technology:

1. Dimensional Data Modelling

2. Data Warehouse/Lakehouse architectures

3. MS Azure Stack
    a. Data Integration
         i. Data Factory
         ii. SQL Server Integration Services
    b. Data Storage
         i. SQL Server
         ii. Synapse Analytics
         iii. Blob/File Storage
         iv. Cosmos DB
    c. Data Cataloguing
         i. Purview

4. Development Tools – DevOps

5. Desirable – Experience with legacy data technology solutions – sourcing (Oracle, Ingres, SQL Server, Wintel Server Network file shares), collecting, ingesting and storing.

Essential Criteria

  1. Experience designing ETL/ELT processes for data movement and transformation.
  2. Experience exploring and analyzing structured and non-structured data for ingestion into data transformation processes.
  3. Azure Cloud technology experience working with Engineering, Storage and Analytics services.
  4. Working with multi-disciplinary teams using an Agile methodology.

Desirable Criteria

  1. Experience working with Infrastructure as Code delivery (Terraform).
  2. Experience work with Data Lake.
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