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Our Difference

It’s who we are that sets our service apart. Learn how CYOS Solutions can put you closer to your goals than anyone else.

A deeper understanding of your goals

CYOS Solutions began life as a team of contractors trying to support each other. Our experiences as consultants guides our recruitment process – we understand the nuances in the IT consulting space, leveraging years of industry experience to connect you with the right role for your skills, seniority and career trajectory. Extensive experience across numerous projects in both the public and private sectors means we understand what’s out there, what’s in demand and what employers want to see. 

Choosing CYOS Solutions means choosing a recruiter who truly understands and supports your career goals. We deliver a recruitment service tailored to your specific needs, focusing on delivering on your version of success instead of simply throwing you at ill-fitting roles.

We take a hands on approach to your next contract. CYOS Solutions understands the challenges facing contractors looking to enter the government sector and seeks to minimise them through targeted support and careful guidance. From the very first day you partner with us, we’ll be working for you. Our experienced recruiters will run you through the recruitment process, helping you develop the skills needed to stand out from the crowd.

Through mock interviews, careful coaching and regular check-ins, we’ll help you better align your skills to what hiring managers are looking for, polishing your interview answers and connecting you with opportunities relevant to your interests and skill-set. 

With your offer in hand, we’ll continue to work for you, representing you through rates negotiations to ensure that you receive the best possible remuneration package. As your career progresses, we’ll continue to be there, lobbying for renewals and helping you move into new teams, departments and roles as they open up. Discover the opportunities available to you when you partner with CYOS Solutions. 

A partner in your success

Guiding your career to new heights

Take the next step with confidence. Discuss your career pathway with CYOS Solutions to find out how we can help you.

Career pathway with CYOS