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Recruitment at CYOS

Recruitment Take the next step in your career with CYOS Solutions.

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By Consultants, for Consultants

CYOS Solutions has helped contractors across the country find rewarding, engaging work with leading private and public entities. We see the market from your perspective – our company was founded and built by a team of passionate contractors, driven to leverage their years of experience to achieve better results for professionals just like you. 

Why CYOS Solutions?

Deep industry knowledge

We’ve been in your shoes – CYOS’ is run by former contractors who understand the space better than anyone. Our recruiters know what to look for and know how to get you prepared for the next role.

Pre-interview guidance

Enjoy generous support from our experienced team during the application process, helping to polish your resume, align your capabilities to the right role and prepare you for the interview process.

Negotiation of rates & remuneration

Know you’re getting the remuneration package you deserve with CYOS – our recruiters will happily and diligently represent you throughout the negotiation process, ensuring you get the best possible deal.

An enduring partnership

At CYOS, we see our role as extending well beyond the first offer. We pride ourselves on acting as representatives and career mentors for our clients, delivering the tailored support they need to find roles that are rewarding in every sense of the word. Through our extensive network, we’re able to offer opportunities to our clients that help them build the life they want. We look beyond the next six-month contract, aiming to help our clients lay the foundation for an enriching career.


IT Recruitment Specialists

CYOS is proud to be one of the leading IT recruitment specialists providing staffing solutions and services all over Australia. Our highly experienced and efficient team are united in their endeavours to help you recruit IT professionals best suited for your company. We strive to eliminate your worry about hiring underqualified employees and save you time and money by sending you worthy candidates with the skillset you desire. 

We can assist you with:

  • Screening and hiring candidates to fill vacancies on your team.
  • Evaluate the company’s needs and goals.
  • Help tailor-make the job descriptions based on company requirements.
  • Providing top-level advisors to guide your team during the staffing process.
  • IT contract staffing: we excel in providing candidates for projects of any duration, and take on additional responsibilities if needed. 
  • Conduct a structural assessment of the company.

CYOS SOlutions has the talent, skill and experience to support you with all your IT staffing needs, in whatever area of expertise you need. We are the top IT recruitment specialist when it comes to staffing for the roles of Automation Test AnalystDevOps Engineer and Software Test Analyst jobs across Australia. CYOS can also help you find highly skilled candidates for the .NET Developer and IT Project Manager roles in Canberra.

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