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Consulting at CYOS

IT CONSULTING RECRUITMENT AGENCY A flexible virtual team delivering end-to-end data pipeline solutions for your organisation.

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Big Data Engineering & Hadoop Consultants

While recruitment remains our primary focus, CYOS Solutions began life as a consultancy and this service continues to be a core part of our business. Since 2015, our experienced team of data scientists and engineers have delivered major projects for state and federal governments as well as businesses across the private sector. 

For departments or businesses that are yet to build a strong software development or data analytics capabilities, we can assist, helping to deliver a diversity of projects from fraud detection to predictive analytics, visualisation tools and more. 

Our Capabilities

Machine learning

CYOS Solutions has extensive experience leveraging the Spark Machine Learning library to deliver projects that help identify and match individuals and entities.

Data visualisation

A specialty of the firm, CYOS uses R Shiny, Zoom data, Tableau and Qlik amongst others to generate immersive, intuitive and interactive reporting suites for departments and businesses.

Web & mobile applications

Our skilled front-end development team has delivered web, iOS and Android applications to suit the needs of a range of businesses, allowing easier digestion of complex visualisations.


At CYOS Solutions, we know the impact that stellar talent can have on a business’ performance. That’s why we’re committed to helping you secure the right people for your company.
We’ve built a large pool of talented IT candidates across Australia, who undergo our strict screening before being passed over to you. We know what you’re looking for when it comes to outstanding talent because we’ve been there too: with first-hand experience of the challenges that face the IT placement industry, we’re all about matching the right person to the right job.


Unlike other generic recruitment agencies, we come from a strong background of IT services, so we’re well versed in salaries, job titles and skill sets of all candidates. Beyond this, we focus on what other IT consultants tend to miss, such as career fit and motivation – two very important factors in staff retention.

With all these indicators at the forefront of our talent sourcing, we’re able to offer precision and great speed in our placements, so both clients and candidates can be satisfied.


Whether you’re looking for an IT project manager in Melbourne, an IT project manager in Sydney or something along the lines of this scope, let us help you fill your vacancy. With offices across Australia and connections within the public and private sectors, we can place contract, fixed-term or permanent staff at your business. Contact CYOS Solutions today.
Career pathway with CYOS