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Find your calling as an DevOps engineer with CYOS Solutions. We can help you develop your career with a range of DevOps engineer jobs for every skill level and location across Australia, including Canberra.


Could your next role as an automation test analyst be around the corner? CYOS Solutions can help you develop your career with a list of automation test analyst roles for every skill level, trajectory, and location in Australia.



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attachment-90$3k - $25k
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At CYOS Solutions, we’re familiar with working in a highly technical environment. Founded in 2015 by a group of contractors, CYOS Solutions has first-hand experience on all the common challenges that the IT recruitment industry faces. That’s why we’re determined to help match the right person to the right role, saving all sides time, money and effort.

Don’t delay any longer: speak to us about our DevOps engineer jobs in both public and government sectors. Whether you’re a contractor or an individual looking for DevOps engineer roles, we can help you.



As the name suggests, DevOps is a combination of software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) that is designed to increase an organisation’s services and life cycle through greater speed and efficiency. The idea is to optimise the flow from idea to end user.

A DevOps engineer will introduce processes, tools, and methodologies to ensure the software development life cycle maintains speed and efficiency. Whether it’s coding or deployment to maintenance and updates, a DevOps is responsible for the unification and automation of processes. To put simply, they work to close the gap between actions that are required to change an application and the tasks that maintain its dependability.

A DevOps engineer is responsible for a range of tasks. They will need to build and set up new development tools, understand stakeholder requirements and pass this information onto the developers, and work on ways to automate and improve development processes. It is for these reasons that a DevOps engineer needs to have strong communication and collaboration skills and an understanding of major DevOps tools, such as Microsoft Azure, Terraform and Amazon Web Services.

A DevOps engineer may find themselves reporting to the business manager, or the senior management team, if they work in a small-scale operation. For organisations with a number of tiers of management, a DevOps engineer will find themselves reporting to a team of managers who are tasked to oversee company operations.

DevOps engineers will need to complete a qualification in computer science, with a focus on software development. They will also need to build a knowledge base around industry-relevant coding languages and cloud technologies, such as Microsoft Azure, Terraform and Amazon Web Services.

A DevOps engineer will be able to build new skills on top of their current experience. A successful DevOps engineer’s career path may look something like this: they will begin as a Junior DevOps before progressing into a Junior DevOps Engineer role. They may then become a Development Assistant, then an Operations Assistant and a Junior Digital Analyst. Manager roles include DevOps Engineer, DevOps Manager and Senior DevOps Engineer.

A DevOps engineer in Australia can earn an average of AUS $113,000 as of February 2021. DevOps engineers are highly in demand, due to their job skill. An entry level DevOps engineering role can make between $75-$90k, and senior management positions can earn upwards of $200k. This is a guide only, and is subject to experience and level of qualification.


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